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Buy 6 Muffins, Get 1 Free


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Gluten Free Blueberry Muffins


Grill My Muffin


(at this time the 7th muffin discount does not apply to this product)


Pastries & More:

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Apple Cider Donut – Cinnamon Sugar


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Donuts – Brioche – Chocolate


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Donuts – Brioche – Vanilla Frosted


Build My Sandwich

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A quick, delicious and made upon arrival sandwich. Wait times are typically 7-10 minutes on normal days for mid size orders. Meat add $1.10, Croissant & GF Bagel Add $1.75, Double Egg add $1

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Joey K.

2 Eggs, 2 Cheese, 1 Sausage, 2 Bacon, 1 Ham on Honey Wheat.


Bacon Sandie

 2 Eggs, 6 Slices of Bacon, 1 Cheese on a Bagel.



1 Egg, 2 Bacon, 1 Extra Swiss in a Ham & Swiss Croissant



2 Egg Whites, 2 Swiss, Turkey Sausage, on an English Muffin 



1 Egg, 3 Bacon, on a cinnamon sugar donut.


Build My Bagel


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2022 Change: Self Serve Dairy & Sugar
Whole Milk, Half & Half, Oat Milk, & Almond Milk
Caramel, Hazelnut, Vanilla, & Mocha Sugar Flavors
Sugar Packets, Splenda, Sweet n Low, Stevia in the Raw

Iced Coffee

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Hot Coffee


One size: 16 oz


Drinks & Tea:

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Hot Tea – Carry Out Box (Caffeine)


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Lemonade ( 24 oz )


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Tropicana Orange Juice ( 12oz )



Bread – Woolfies Honey Wheat


Woolfie’s JMC Coffee (Whole Bean, 15oz)

WHOLE BEAN, 15oz Woolfie’s JMC Ground is here Cape Cod’s Original Jamaican Me Crazy Coffee (Woolfie’s JMC) Since 2010. Just a HINT of flavor (Kahlua,…


Woolfie’s JMC Jamaican Me Crazy Coffee (Ground, 15oz)

GROUND, 15oz Woolfie’s JMC Whole Bean is here Cape Cod’s Original Jamaican Me Crazy Coffee (Woolfie’s JMC) Since 2010. Just a HINT of flavor (Sweet…


Woolfie’s House Blend Coffee (Whole Bean, 15oz)


Woolfie’s House Blend Coffee (Ground, 15oz)


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