Wooflie’s Donates to Cape & Islands Police K-9 Relief Fund

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Woolfie’s Bakery was honored to donate $500 recently to the Cape & Islands Police K-9 Relief Fund. The Cape Cod Police K-9 Relief Fund is a retirement fund built by donations from compassionate individuals and civic-minded local business, as well as from fundraising events. This fund helps ease the burden of veterinary costs incurred in maintaining retired K-9 officers.

Police dogs (or K-9s) are dogs that help the police solve crimes. They have become a major part of law enforcement in the past several years. Police dogs have saved many lives with their unique skills and bravery. They are loyal, watchful, and protective of their police officer counterparts and are often deemed an important and irreplaceable part of many police departments.

The majority of police departments now include a K-9 unit which has specific tasks. These tasks are related to search and rescue, seizure, and other various duties assigned by their branch. The relationship between a police dog and his or her handler requires a closeness and ability to communicate and work together well as a team. A judicious obedience to hand-signals, voice commands, and pre-meditated training procedures is required from the dog. This is complemented by an equal amount of respect, patience, and diligence from the handler.

Police dogs are usually treated as heroes. As they retire, they often live with their human police officer partner. They have spent years with this person and come to think of them as family, so this works out well for both the officer and the dog.

Day to day activities of the Cape & Islands Police K-9 Relief Fund are managed by Joe Ambrosini, former K-9 handler and Deputy Superintendent for Public Safety, Barnstable County Sheriff’s Office. The learn more about the Fund, to become a sponsor, or to make a donation, visit capecodpolicek9.org.