Work at Woolfie’s

Thank you for your interest in working at Woolfie’s Bakery. Here is a breakdown of our hiring process and some basic expectations of working here.


  1. We will need to know your summer schedule BEFORE you apply. We will ned to give preference to applicants who can work through August 25th. And also a bonus if applicnats can work weekends in September.
  2. Previous year staff have the first chance of coming back, but must re-apply using this form in order for us to understand your work schedule and if you will be able to comply with our attendance policies.
  3. You will be given a weekly schedule for the summer. If you choose to accept the position, you are expected to work within that schedule. Please let us know days off, Dr. appointments, etc needed.
  4. If you do not have permanent residence here on Cape, your parents will be expected to help provide housing for you during all days you are scheduled to work.
  5. You may be expected to work July 4th.
  6. Day off requests are expected 1 week in advance. 3 Missed days of work without warning (and without a Dr. note) may result in changing your schedule.
  7. Dress is casual – comfortable shorts/pants/leggings, t-shirt, sneakers – family friendly attire. We provide an apron.
  8. You wil be expected to come to work well rested and ready to help your team and our customers.
  9. It will be hot, and messy in the bakery and you can expect a decent amount of cleaning.
  10. We do not tolerate drama and you are expected to work as a team.
  11. Cell phones are prohibited form use unless you are on break. For family emergency situations, your family can have a manager/owner’s number.
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