Woolfie’s Work Application

Thank you for your interest in Woolfie’s Bakery!

    • Currently hiring for those available Labor Day Weekend and 2 Weekends into September.
    • No experience required, but be well-rested, with a great attitude, and ready to have a great day. Poor attitudes, sarcasm or disrespectful behavior will result in removal from the schedule.
    • This is a team and a business. Last minute decisions hurt our entire team and business. Once you receive a schedule for the summer, you are expected to be here on those days. Please note the following strict work attendance guidelines:
      • Requesting more than 2 consecutive days off is required by June 1 with the EXACT DATES.
      • A 2 week notice is required for any non-planned, non-medical days off.
      • For all other missed days of work – your 3rd unplanned, non-medical related call-out will result in removal from our schedule.
    • Neat in appearance and comfortable appropriate clothing (typically sneakers, t-shirt, athletic shorts or pants). Family appropriate clothing.
    • We accept last year’s staff first, and then review new applications in the order they were received.
    • Please complete this application below, and if we have a potential position for you, we will advance you to round 2 of training.