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Apply For a Job With Woolfie’s

Woolfie’s Work Application. Please read completely before applying.

We are only hiring staff ages 14+ who can work through August 25th.

Bonus Exception: You can work Labor Day Weekend, or weekends in September.

Last minute decisions hurt our entire team and negatively impact our reputation. Once you receive a schedule for the summer, you are expected to be here on those days. Your 3rd unplanned work absence will result the ability for us to put you on a regular schedule. You may submit a medical note from your Dr. to excuse any medically related absence.

A 1 week notice is required for any non-planned, non-medical days off.

What does this mean?
1. Your friends are on Cape last minute and you want to hang out with me and you call out to work. This counts as an unplanned non-excusable absence.

2. You are not feeling well, you go to the Dr. and submit a medical note – this is an excused absence.

3. You or your guardian made a Dr. or Dentist appointment months ago but forget, and you call out of work the week of. This is not an excused absence.

Attire: Neat in appearance and comfortable appropriate clothing (typically sneakers, t-shirt, athletic shorts or pants). Family appropriate clothing. You will receive 1 complimentary Woolfie’s T-Shirt. Additional shorts may be purchase at cost. Woolfie’s shirts are not required attire.

No drama. No exceptions.